The University Orchestra Maastricht was founded in 1978 by some enthusiastic amateur-­ÔÇÉmusicians, employees of the Maastricht university and the harpist Phia Berghout.

Jo Juda was the first to conduct them. What used to be a small ensemble has now become a full sized symphony orchestra. As well as in Maastricht as in the whole of the Euregio, the orchestra has performed with many different soloists from our own region and foreign countries.

Musicians are mainly students or employees form the Maastricht University or Hogeschool zuyd although it is not mandatory to be connected to one of those institutions to become a member. The music that is rehearsed ranges from baroque (Bach, Händel) to fairly modern music (Borodin and Stravinsky) and is always suitable for symphonic amateur orchestra.

At least two concerts are given each year, usually in January and the beginning of June. In the past several years, different cooperation projects have been attended resulting in exchange trips to for instance Strassbourg and Mannheim. The orchestra (conducted by 2005 by Raymond Spons has, just as the university itself, gained an international character. At least one third of all members come from abroad. Therefore, during rehearsals many different languages like Dutch, English, German, French or Limburgs are spoken.

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