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All in-person projects are cancelled until further notice due to covid-19 regulations.



Autumn project University Orchestra Maastricht

Due to Corona regulations the orchestra will not be able to start in full size formation (usually around 50 musicians). We decided to split the orchestra into two smaller orchestras, both playing their own programme. Each orchestra will rehearse every other week. Some musicians will be asked to play in both orchestras.

Programme orchestra 1

Schubert  |  Der Lindenbaum and Das Wirtshaus from Winterreise, specially orchestrated for us by Victor Gil

                                    Instrumentation*: 2222-2220-10-str

Mendelssohn  |  Konzertstück (Concert Piece) for clarinet, basset horn, and orchestra

                                    Instrumentation: 2202-2000-00-str

Mozart  |  Symphony nr 25

                                    Instrumentation: 2121-2210-10-str


Programme orchestra 2

Schubert  |  Der Leiermann from Winterreise, specially orchestrated for us by Victor Gil

                                    Instrumentation: 2222-2220-10-str

Mozart  |  Concerto for Flute in G major, 1st movement

                                    Instrumentation: 0200-2000-00-str

Haydn  |  Symphony nr 104, ‘London Symphony’

                                    Instrumentation: 2222-2200-10-str

*instrumentation: fl ob clr bs - hrn trp trb tb - tymp perc – strings (the number indicates the amount)





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