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  • Wednesday 13. June 2018 20:00

Concert: 1920's Berlin 

Location: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Grote Gracht 90-92, Maastricht

Inspired by Berlin's vibrant 1920's music, you can expect some powerful notes arising from under the baton of Raymond Spons.

Repertoire includes music by Kurt Weill, Paul Lincke, Norbert Schulze, Ernst Toch, Bob Zimmerman, and Friedrich Hollaender.

Soloist: Imke Heitzer (voice)

Reservation: reserverenuom@gmail.com 
Tickets: €12 // Students: €6

e-mail: um-orkest@maastrichtuniversity.nl

facebook: University Orchestra Maastricht - UniversiteitsOrkest Maastricht



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